Midwest Region FJMC

2014 Ad Book – Page Templates

The 2014 Man of the Year /Youth of the Year Ad Book offers an excellent way for you to express your appreciation to your club’s honorees. This year we offer MS WORD templates for 16 sample ads. You can copy and compose your ad then forward a WORD file ad by e-mail and pay electronically. Details to be announced soon.
Ads cost $25 1/4 page,   $50 1/2 page   and   $100 full page.
Start composing your ad today and revisit the site for future instructions.
Click one of these WORD files for templates of your choice:
Template 1-QuarterPage Ads
Template 2-Half Page Ads
Template 3-Full Page Ads
Template 4-FullPage-Ads
1. Right click on the boarder of the ad you like. This will allow you to copy and paste that ad template into a new MS WORD  file.
2. When you have it in a new file, then you or a friend can easily backspace over wording to change the ad and customize it for your honoree. If you want to keep the font selection, start retyping before you completely backspace off of all the text in that formatted line or word.
3. Be very careful not to re-size the boarder. Anything you do inside the boarder using WORD is pretty okay. You can change the boarder style if you like but do not make it larger than 4 point.
4. Do not use color since the book is printed in B&W.
5. Text only is best. Generally photos, texture or solid black backgrounds do not come out well unless applied with a screen process which is tricky and we can not help you with.
6. Have fun and get started soon. We usually follow ad receipt/payment dates for placement order front-to-back of ad book.
7. Instruction for where to e-mail (or send hard copy) and payment to be available soon.
Ad deadline is Dec. 30, 2013