Midwest Region FJMC

Club Liaisons

Liaison Attends Fund Raiser Packing Bagels

Club Liaisons are to visit Region Clubs several times a year (or more) with the purpose of:

  • Keeping in touch with club officers/members
  • Answering any questions the club may have about the Region
  • Opening and maintaining a dialogue with the club to see how the Region can better serve it

Club liaisons are free to arrange dates for Club visits that may include attending a Board meeting or preferably, attending and working at one or more Club events.

During the visit, Club Liaisons are encouraged to:

  • Listen instead of doing all the talking!
  • Assess the club’s strengths and weaknesses for a report to the Region.
  • Ask the club members present if they have any ideas or programs they would like the Region to consider.
  • Remind the club to up date their club e-mailing list and mailing list to the Region.
  • Inform attendees about upcoming Region and International programs and to check in periodically with the Region website.