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Men’s Club Events: What Are Your Ideas?

The World Wide Wrap, Yom Hashoah Candles and the Man of the Year event…just a few of the regionwide programs sponsored by FJMC.

Are we doing everything we possibly could do? What are you thoughts on our current program of events? Where could we expand?

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5 responses to “Men’s Club Events: What Are Your Ideas?”

  1. Gerry Brin Avatar
    Gerry Brin

    Under Yellow Candle Program please include the FJMC Yellow Candle Website Address:
    http://www.yellowcandles.org. It has all the info a Club needs to make their Yellow Candle Program a success.

  2. Shelly Pike Avatar
    Shelly Pike

    Wow! What a great regional meeting and program we had this past Sunday.
    The Beth El Ner Tamid Men’s Club were great hosts as always and it was great to see our fellow Men’s Club brethren from Beth Israel join us as well.
    Dr. David Gutterman, our guest speaker did a fantastic presentation on new technological developments coming out of Israel. Unbelievable!
    Thanks to all who joined us and for those of you who missed the meeting, we’ll see you all at the next FJMC event- the World Wide Wrap on February 5th.

  3. Mike Spanjar Avatar

    Had a great World Wide Wrap with an almost full chapel of worshipers. In addition to helping congregants learn to wrap (several came without tefillin but we were only too happy to wrap them up), we provided a printed version of the prayers that people could fold and keep in their tefillin bags. Here is a link to a how-to video our club produced: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7Lw1s5-Jus

  4. Rodney Ugent Avatar

    Beth El Ner Tamid- Mequon Men’s Club Yom Ha Shoah Program

    On Sunday, April 22, at 10 AM at BENT, the Men’s Club will sponsor our annual Yom Ha Shoah program. Our guest speaker will be Edie Shafer, who will discuss her experience living in the Shanghai Jewish Ghetto during WWII.

    We will learn about the history as to why Jews from all over Europe , Russia and the Middle East settled in Shanghai China during the late 1930’s and the horrendous conditions that were imposed upon the Jews by the Japanese. This program is open to the public and a light brunch will be served prior to the program.

    Your donations from the Yom Ha Shoah Yellow Candle Program helps to fund this worthwhile program.

  5. admin Avatar

    Hi All,

    Check out the Retreat PreReads under the Retreat Post. Makes good reading for Clubs to rethink how they can engage the 75% of Men who are members of their synagogue, but not Men’s Club members.

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