Midwest Region FJMC

Last Deadlines for Man/Youth of the Year Dinner

Encourage family and friends to register NOW, before it is too late. Full pricing is now in effect for the Chicago/Milwaukee area Dinner on the 23rd. Click on this link to register.

Registration extends now and throughout the 13th. At midnight, web registration pages are programmed to stop accepting payments. Registration can not be extended because we must provide our final number to the caterer on Feb. 14th. Caterer overage is strictly limited to only 10 places. These final few places are to be sold first-come-first-served, in-person, at the event door opening. All guests preregistered will be getting their preprinted name tags before entering. After the last few seating places are sold, we must turn people away at the door for dinner. Anyone who failed to register and doesn’t make dinner place settings cut-off can wait in the Winter Garden until the program starts. Be sure to reserve NOW so you can attend and express your appreciation to all Honorees.