Midwest Region FJMC

Exec. Dir. Rabbi Charles Simon @ BHCBE

RabbiSimon** Canceled **
Rabbi Charles Simon Presentation at BHCBE Men’s Club Breakfast
/Sunday, Dec. 8, 2013:
Intermarriage in Light of Pew Survey Findings: What Should be the Conservative Movement’s Response?

**  This event has been canceled because of a death in Rabbi Simon’s family. He is expected to visit the BHCBE Men’s Club in the near future and discuss intermarriage topic. **

FJMC has been the lead organization in the Conservative Movement and in North America attempting to help its members and their congregations understand and respond to Intermarriage for more than a decade. What they have learned can provide some interesting insights into why Men are increasingly less present in Jewish life and the volunteer world as well as what types of strategies are needed  to engage future generations.  Rabbi Simon will help us as members of families and members of congregations better understand this process.

The BHCBE Men’s Club “Food for Thought” Breakfast series on Sunday Dec. 8th starts at 9:45 following morning minyan beginning at 9:00am. There is no charge to attend however a donation to cover breakfast expenses is welcomed and sponsorships are available at the event.

(Note: Rabbi Simon has spent more than 30 years as Executive Director of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs based in New York City.)