Beth Judea Men’s Club Worldwide Wrap- Press Coverage

Congregation Beth Judea Men’s Club, Long Grove, Illinois, was very successful in getting local press coverage.  Here is the link to the article and photo gallery published by Pioneer Press/Sun Times in its Buffalo Grove Countryside publication.

 In the event the link is deleted by the newspaper, the story is on this pdf file. Just click on the link.

Wrap – Pioneer Press -Suntimes Coverage of Beth Judea Mens Club Wrappers

Clubs can contact the press prior to their event to get coverage (should notify the local papers at least 2-3 weeks). Send them a press release with a headline, details , importance of the event and a contact person with phone number, email address etc.

Or, you can send a press release after the event with photographs. The Chicago Tribune North Edition is pretty good about this.  You will need to get an id and password. Then post a story with a headline and event details.  The who, what, when, where, how and why of the event.  Also, you can upload photos- jpeg files.  Make sure the resolution is 72 dpi for the Tribune.  Some papers may ask you for 300 dpi and convert to black and white.  This varies per photo editor requirements.